Nadide Yıldız Bozkır

ICF Approved Trained Professional Coach and Instructor

Born in Istanbul, Nadide Yıldız Bozkır graduated from Kocaeli University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration in 1999.

Nadide Yıldız Bozkır started her professional career in 1999 as a store manager in the first store of the Dia Marketler chain. She took part in all the processes of establishing the first store of the grocery chain in Turkey and became the most successful store among the 4 stores established right after.

In 2000, she changed the sector and started to work as a customer representative at Pamukbank. She was promoted to assistant chief in 2002 at Pamukbank, where she worked as a customer representative. In the same year, he changed institutions and started to work as the inbound team leader at Dışbank. The developing and changing telemarketing policy of the institution enabled Nadide Yıldız Bozkır to be appointed as the outbound team leader due to her sales-oriented approach and dynamic management style.

She was promoted in 2004 and appointed as a supervisor in her institution, which is now Fortisbank. During this duty, she successfully designed and finalized the sales of products that have not been tried before in the sector by telephone. It crowned its success in these projects as the winner of the EMEA Region in the category of “Best Sales Campaign” in the Contact Center organization in 2007. She was appointed as the manager responsible for Outbound and Outsource units in 2008. During this duty, she made the Outbound team become a multi-talented team that can provide blending support and make high sales in inbound calls, from a team that only sells through outbound calls. The Oubound Unit under her responsibility won the world title in the category of “Best Outbound Campaign” in the Contact Center World organization in 2009.

In 2013, she continued her duty as the manager responsible for Outbound, Outsource and Sales Coordination units at Türk Ekonomi Bankası. During her tenure, she successfully achieved all sales, revenue and cost targets of Outbound teams of 200 and Outsources of 100 people.

Nadide Yıldız Bozkır experienced the acquisition of Dışbank - Fortisbank and the merger of Fortis Bank - TEB in the institution she started as Dışbank. As an internal trainer at TEB, she gave various trainings on coaching, sales, performance management and communication. She also worked as an ISO Quality Auditor.

Nadide Yıldız Bozkır, who started to work as a consultant/trainer at UNIQ Education and Consultancy in 2014, has been continuing her career as an independent consultant/trainer/professional coach since May 2017.

“Sales Skills on the Phone”, “Persuasion Techniques”, “Dealing with Difficult Customers”, “Professional Communication on the Phone”, “Complaint Management”, “Performance Management”, “Coaching and Feedback” and “Leadership”, “ She works as an expert consultant / trainer in “Building and Managing Successful Teams” trainings. At the same time, she provides consultancy on the analysis and restructuring of the management, sales and recovery processes of institutions. Nadide Yıldız Bozkır, who also has the ICF-approved Professional Coaching and Team Coaching Certificate, provides individual coaching, executive coaching and team coaching.