Şenol Kaptan

ICF Approved Trained Professional Coach, Team Coach, Instructor

He served as a Senior Manager, Project Manager, HR manager (with a staff of approximately two thousand people) and HR Director (a staff of approximately eighteen thousand people) in the Naval Forces, led the restructuring of HR processes and in-house activities carried out within the scope of Total Quality Management, received all the training on the subject.

“Leadership”, “Corporate Culture”, “Belonging”, “Change Management” etc. on matters He has given trainings and conferences within the institution.

He has achieved important results in the development of leadership functions of managers and manager candidates with his studies and trainings on "Situational Leadership", and has contributed to corporate development with his studies on "Efficiency", "Motivation" and "Business Discipline" and has been awarded.

Şenol KAPTAN, the founder of the company "TURQUA MARINE", which carries out consultancy and system development activities in the field of Maritime Technologies; In addition to his company activities, he still carries out the duty of Corporate Trainings and Projects Director at HOUSE Of HUMAN(HOH) Training and Consultancy Company.

Şenol KAPTAN, who has an Electrical-Electronics license and a master's degree in International Relations; He also has Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, Long Distance Captain, Management Consultant, Mentor, Life Coach and Team Coach certificates and qualifications.

It coordinates the studies carried out with the leading companies of our country within the scope of transforming training into behavior in individuals and culture in institutions, and makes significant contributions to the creation of a leadership culture in institutions and ensuring social peace.