Meltem Evci

Professional Coach, PCC (ICF), Team Coach,
Trainer, RLAC Trainer, HR Professional

After graduating from ITU Textile Engineering Department, she continued her education with Istanbul University Human Resources Management master's degree and shaped her profession towards human engineering. She carried out her thesis on “Expectations of Employees from Internal Coaching and Mentoring Practices”.

After starting her professional career as an engineer in Erba Mümessillik and M&S Turkey office in 2009, she continued her journey in the field of human resources at C&A, one of the world-renowned players of the retail industry. Responsible for 700 sales and head office staff, she took on duties and responsibilities in every field of expertise of human resources, especially recruitment, evaluation center practices, performance and career management, and training development activities for 5 years. She managed the project of establishing a performance management system in the institution, and conducted mentoring and training sessions on performance with the leader.

Then, she worked as HR Manager in the same sector, responsible for all HR processes at the world-famous jewelery brand Pandora. During her employment, she was responsible for the establishment and correct operation of all HR-related processes, procedures and applications from scratch. In 2016, she transferred to HD Holding, Turkey's largest restaurant chain with local capital. She served as HD İskender, HD Döner, Pidem and Pideko and HR & Training Manager. She was responsible for the training and development activities, performance and talent processes, career management and recruitment processes of a team of 3500 people in nearly 300 restaurants, head offices and meat processing facilities. At the same time, she met with coaching, and continued her development in the field of coaching and training with "Professional Coaching", "Trainer's Training" and "Team Coaching" trainings at the House of Human Coaching School. While simultaneously carrying out the change and transformation processes of the company with the HR manager hat, she established the HD Academy, internal coaching & mentoring system, worked as an internal coach and internal trainer with the Training manager and the Koç hat. Finally, the HR Manager took charge of FLO Teknoloji, responsible for all HR processes.

In addition to her experiences in corporate life, she participated in the social responsibility projects of AC and House of Human Coaching, Training and Consultancy and “Coaching for the Future”.
As an ICF-approved coach with PCC title, he currently continues his trainings on performance, leadership skills, RLAC (Recognised Leader as Coach) and HR specializations with institutions and individuals. She is in the management team of the "Accelerating Coaching - Step-Up Coaching Platform", to which 500 coaches from different schools apply simultaneously, and carries out both JCI Executive Coaching and Co-coaching projects.