Dr. Seçkin Berber Koç

Academic, ICF Certified Trained Coach (PCC), Executive Coach, Team Coach, TA Facilitator, Trainer and Speaker

Graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations (İİBF), in 2005. Koç received her master's degree with her academic studies in the European Union Department of the same university between 2007-2009 and her doctorate degree in 2015 with her studies in the Department of International Relations. Before his doctorate (2009), he carried out his academic studies at the School of International Politics at the Institut Barcelona D'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI). He graduated from Bornova Anatolian High School (BAL) in 2000.

Giving lectures in the fields of political sociology and political psychology as a visiting professor, Dr. Between 2012 and 2018, Koç worked as a coordinator and trainer at IRI (International Rupublican Institute), one of the international think tanks. She has provided mentoring support to Iranian politicians and journalists for nearly three years, especially with her leadership psychology-oriented studies. She transfers this international experience she gained to the managers in the business world today.

It shapes its training, facilitation and mentoring activities in the business world on the axis of “holistic” approaches. Seçkin Berber Koç, who provides training and coaching on new generation leadership, institutional manifestations of the leader's self-development, management enriched with a mindfulness perspective, team coaching, psychological codes of persuasion and negotiation, perception processes, conflict interaction, Turkish Coaching Association (AC Turkey) and Turkish Social She is a member of the Economic and Political Research Foundation (TÜSES).

2Having been a trainer at House of Human since 2019, Dr. Koç is also an RLAC supervisor with AC accreditation. With the RLAC program, it guides the training of leaders and managers who have internalized the coaching approach in the business world.

Seçkin Berber Koç, who works by prioritizing the Transactional Analysis (TA) theory in coaching and mentoring practices, is a Transactional Analysis Facilitator (TA Facilitator) approved by the International Transactional Analysis Institute (ICDTA). In this context, she attaches importance to the establishment of TA practices especially in the business world and at the executive level.

She conveys her knowledge and experience in the field of psychology to the audience through the TV programs she moderates (Kanal İzmir TV – Those Who Stay in the Shadow with Dr. Savant, (2019 – 2020), Our Troubles Are Ourselves (2020- present)).

She has a good command of English and can coach and teach in a foreign language. Seçkin Berber Koç, born in 1982, is married and has a daughter. She is from Izmir.