Funda Ant

ICF Certified Trained Professional Coach, Trainer, NLP Master

She is a graduate of Anadolu University, Department of Business Administration.

In her 15 years of professional business life, she worked in sales, sales management and marketing departments. He started his business life in the cosmetics industry, as he was people-oriented and preferred to be in one-to-one communication with people, progressing in about 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry, which is his target, and worked as Sales Manager, Sales Leader and Product Manager in Adana and Istanbul.

The concept of NLP, which he came across in 2006, caught his attention and started to do research on the subject and read books about NLP. In this process, he chose to specialize in coaching by completing NLP and Professional Coaching Trainings from different schools in order to share and contribute to his values, with the awareness of "the product of human choices".

She is a member of the Coaching Platform Association (KPD) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

ANT, who lives in Adana, opens and gives trainings together with House of Human Education Consultancy in order to spread the awareness of coaching and increase the awareness of people in this region.

She is currently working as the House of Human Coaching and Mentoring Training Director.