Mehmet İlker Aksoy

Professional Coach, Mentor,
Step Up Accelerating Coaching Platform Project Manager (STRATEGY)

He completed his academic career in the field of System Engineering at the Turkish Military Academy. In the Turkish Armed Forces; He served successfully for 26 years as a Unit Commander, Project Manager and Strategic Planning Specialist at various levels.

After completing his Business Development Mentoring and Professional Coaching trainings, Aksoy focused his studies on “Personality Analysis” and “Coach-like Leadership” and made significant contributions to the leadership practices of mid-level managers. He has focused his efforts on the use of coaching skills in the work environment. He also volunteers as a Project Manager at the Step Up Accelerating Coaching Platform, which helps those who want to continue their coaching journey and improve their skills. He oversaw more than 900 coaches coaching approximately 10,000 hours in various social responsibility and co-coaching projects on this platform. He is also an individual Team and Executive Coach. In addition to these, the content he prepared as a blog writer is published in Coach Magazine Turkey.

He is an assistant, trainer and group coach in projects carried out by the House of Human Education, Coaching and Mentoring Platform. In this way, it contributes to increasing compliance and employee loyalty in distinguished companies. Aksoy, who is married and has a child, resides in Ankara.